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and our social commitment here.


Our Vision

greenstorming was founded in 2012 to organize events in a professional, high-quality manner while putting an end to the waste of resources in the event industry. It is a concern of our employees and management to create an awareness among our clients and partners that sustainable event management is necessary on the one hand and can be implemented in their own processes and decision-making structures with simple means on the other hand.

Sustainability is a company principle and is lived internally as well as externally. We strive to ensure that sustainability is no longer a special feature in the event industry, but that it becomes the standard for every good and professionally organized event.

Our corporate vision, developed together with all agency members, reads:

"We are the pioneering contact for event management that is characterized by high quality and professionalism, while at the same time meeting the highest standards of sustainable implementation. Respect in dealing with personal and natural resources is our highest good on this path."


Our Goals

We have defined a large number of sustainability goals for our agency. These include integrating a sustainable management system, establishing a quality management system, expanding stakeholder networks, and involving employees in processes relevant to corporate development.

In summary, all of our self-imposed goals are aimed at anchoring the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our corporate structure and living them in all of our projects.


Our Strategy

We do not regard sustainable event management as something exclusive, but bring it closer to our clients through practical event organization and simply prepare it for "do-it-yourself" and "copy-it". In this way, we consistently advise our clients on all sustainable aspects of event organization.

We distance ourselves from greenwashing and strive to create sustainable added value with every collaboration. We pay attention to social and ethical standards and follow high aspirations. Since the foundation of our company we have committed ourselves to actively counteract corrupt behavior. Not only do we act in accordance with the law and stipulate this in our compliance guidelines, but we also have an open-book policy as part of our corporate culture.

At the same time, we also live sustainability internally. All internal processes are thought through, checked and implemented with regard to their sustainability aspects.

For example, we compensate annually for all business trips throughout Germany that are made exclusively by rail, as well as for all office-related emissions. Another example is that all office-relevant purchases are made according to specific sustainable criteria: Green electricity, sustainable cleaning products, Fairtrade and organic food in the office are standard and have been an absolute "must" since our agency was founded.

Furthermore, it is our corporate culture to offer our employees a socially acceptable working time model with a well thought-out work-life balance and good training and further education opportunities. Team spirit and family friendliness are key criteria here. Remuneration is performance-related, freely negotiated and includes social benefits such as continued payment of wages, vacation arrangements, overtime compensation, etc. Remuneration is in line with the principle of equal treatment.

Our employees are the essential foundation for the success of our agency. The high flexibility and creativity, which it requires to show the always most lasting way, we secure by many participative possibilities for the coworkers, development possibilities as well as contribution of own fields of interest.

We are expressly committed to the guidelines of corporate responsibility for sustainability. These include the guidelines for sustainable business as well as the commitment to the responsible use of resources and energy or the observance of human rights as well as the voluntary commitment to oppose any form of corruption and discrimination. These principles are an essential part of our corporate culture.

greenstorming supports the three objectives of the international "Convention on Biological Diversity": conservation of biological diversity, sustainable use of its components, fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources.

greenstorming is committed to minimizing the impact of its own business activities on tangible or intangible cultural assets.


Our Principles

  1. We look out for each other and support each other.
  2. We align all decision-making processes with the principles of sustainability.
  3. A happier team is more important to us than higher profits.